Flower Friends

We believe that one of the most meaningful actions in life is to share what you have with others. And, at The Flower Paddock we have. . . flowers! From day one of our planning, we knew that we wanted to regularly share a portion of our flower crop with others who could use a bit of “flower cheer.” As we were looking into how to possibly accomplish this, we found the perfect organization to help guide us – Growing Kindness!

Growing Kindness was started when Deanna Kitchen, an aspiring Washington State flower farmer, who literally grew too many dahlias (yes-it is possible!;) She started sharing her extra blooms with those in her community and was moved by the reactions and comments she received to her unsolicited kindness. Wanting to “do more,” she then shared the extra tubers her dahlias had produced with anyone in her area who wanted to grow and freely share their flowers in their own communities. Please read more about the history and mission of this beautiful organization and their goals of locally growing and sharing flowers at www.growingkindnessproject.com.

Starting this summer, our TFP goal is to deliver a minimum of 5 arrangements each week to a local group and/or to individual neighbors. We hope you will aid us in accomplishing this goal by helping us to identify potential “flower friends” in our local community. Please note that there is absolutely no obligation on the part of any recipient. Our only mission is to spread the flower cheer!

Happiness Held Is The Seed; Happiness Shared Is The Flower.”

- John Harrigan

Donation Inquiry

If you are a local organization (food pantry, senior facility, hospital, etc.) who would like to receive one of these weekly arrangement bundles, or if you know an individual who would benefit from a one-time “floral cheer” delivery, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to discuss options.

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